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Common Canine conditions treated with Physiotherapy:



Neurological conditions



Orthopaedic problems treated conservatively such as hip and  elbow dysplasia, cruciate disease and arthritis



After orthopaedic or neurological surgery



To optimise athletic or working ability



Reduce pain and  improve mobility in older dogs



To optimise injury healing



 Prevent Injury reccurance



Exercise difficulties



Treatments and services offered for Canine Physiotherapy



Soft tissue massage



Myofascial release



Joint mobilisation






Balance, Strength and Proprioception training



Electrotherapy such as TENs, muscle stimulation and laser



Gait re-education



Advice on alternatives ways to exercise and control your dog



Provision of Professional advice and support 



Graded rehabilitation programmes








Prior to assessment, a history about your dog's problems and lifestyle will be taken. A gait assessment will assess how they move in various paces and directions. It is often useful to see how your dog manages certain functional tasks such as stairs, getting up from lying and sitting. Following the movement assessment is palpation, assessing your dog's muscles, joints and tendons.


We can then plan an individual treatment programme specific to your dog and any goals you may have.


Please ensure a quiet environment when having your dog assessed. Thank you


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